June 2024 - Scotland

About the Festival

Welcome to the Scottish American Festival, a music festival for all kinds of performance groups.

Following on the success of the Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival, the Scottish American Festival has taken on the mantle of inviting musical groups to Scotland to perform and share the stage with other local groups. The performance opportunities are in many exciting varied locations throughout Scotland. We work with our American directors to make sure there is a balance between the number of performances and sightseeing with their participation. The festival aims to encourage musical innovation amongst the performers; with the emphasis on our worldwide love for music as a foundation for connecting, regardless of musical abilities, affinity, or age.  The festival strives to enrich Scotland’s musical arts scene with engaging concerts.

We have not only hosted groups from America, but have also invited many other groups from other countries such as South Africa, Canada, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, and more.

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